Migrating An EC2 Instance From One AWS Region To Another

In this blog post , We will learn to Migrate EC2 instances from One AWS region to another.

What Is AWS Region?

Region is a physical location around the world where AWS have datacenters. And each region will have multiple datacenters which we call as Availability Zones .Avaliability zones are seperate , physically isolated data center in that particular region.

If you want to host the same applications running in EC2 Instances, Inorder to reduce latency and create redundancy in your applications for your clients based on the geographical regions We have to migrate the EC2 instance to nearest available region for our customers.

This article guides you to move / migrate your workloads (EC2 Instance) from One region to another using AWS Console.


This can be achieved by Creating an AMI from Existing EC2 Instance <– Check this article

Then We have to Copy this AMI to another region where you want to host your applications in EC2 Instance.

Migrating EC2 Instance


Step1: Creating An AMI

For example , Lets say you are already running an EC2 instance in Singapore (ap-southeast-1) region.

Now you want to migrate it to Mumbai (ap-south-1) region.

Lets start by Creating an AMI from existing EC2 Instance , By referring this article

You can check the status of AMI , Under Images , Click AMI

make sure the Status of the AMI is available.

Now We have the AMI of the existing EC2 Instance, Lets go ahead and Create an EC2 from this AMI in the Target Region (Mumbai).

Step 2: Copying AMI To Another Region

Now We have to copy the AMI of the EC2 instance to the another AWS region.

To do so , Login to EC2 CONSOLE , Under Images , Click AMI

Select the AMI which you have created , Under Actions , Click Copy AMI

In the Copy AMI Page , We have to choose the Destination region and we have to give a name for the AMI and click Copy AMI.

You will be provided a new AMI ID , Copy that and go to the destination region.

We have to wait till the status of the AMI becomes Available , So that we can launch an EC2 instance from that AMI in the destination region.

I have created a detailed article , Refer this , To create an EC2 Instance from AMI

The process of Instance creation is clearly explained in detail , Please click here.


We have successfully migrated our workloads / applications running in EC2 Instance from One region to another using AWS Console.

Hope It helps , Thanks for reading this article.

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