Migrate RDS Instance From One Region To Another

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Sometimes We use RDS Instance for our applications , In this case while migrating EC2 Instances , We have to migrate the RDS Instance (Database) to the same region where you’re moving EC2 Instances.

In this article We will learn how to migrate the RDS Instance from One region to another.


The Process of moving / copying rds instances to another region involves 3 phases.

  • Take a Snapshot of the Existing RDS Instance
  • Copy the snapshot to the Destination Region
  • Launching RDS Instance using Snapshot in the destination region

Step 1 : Creating Snapshot Of RDS Instance

First , We have to create a snapshot of the existing RDS Instance.

In this article , I have explained in detail ,How to Create Snapshot of RDS Instance ,

Once you have the snapshot in place , lets copy that snapshot to the destination region.

Step 2 : Copying Snapshot To Destination Region

To copy snapshots from One region to Another , Go to RDS CONSOLE

Click Snapshots in the left navigation pane , You will see the lists of available snapshots.

Select the snapshot of the RDS instance which yu want to migrate.

Under Actions , Click Copy Snapshot

In Settings , Select the destination region and provide the name for the snapshot which will be created in the destination region.

Click Copy Snapshot.

Now , Go to the destination region , In the RDS Console , Click Snapshots , You should see the newly created snapshot.

Step 3 : Creating RDS Instance From Snapshot

Now We have the copy of the RDS Instance (Snapshot) in the destination region.

Lets create RDS Instance using that snapshot,

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The process of RDS Creation is explained in very detail here, Create RDS Instance using Console

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We have successfully migrated RDS Instance from One region to another.

Hope this article helps.Thanks for reading this article.

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