Install SSM Agent On Windows EC2 Instances

In this blog post , We have explain how to Install SSM Agent on Windows EC2 Instances.

In the previous blog , I have explained how to Install SSM agent on Linux EC2 Instances.

What Is SSM Agent?

SSM stands for Simple Systems Manager.

Amazon SSM agent is the software which can be installed on the EC2 Instances , On-premise servers or virtual machines for the systems manager to update , configure and run commands remotely.

SSM agent is preinstalled on certain Operating systems.

SSM Agent Installed By Default

SSM agent is installed by default of the following EC2 Instances and the Amazon Machine Images.

  • Windows Server 2016 AMI
  • Windows Server 2019 AMI
  • Windows Server 2008-2012 R2 AMI’s

Whenever a new capabilities are added to Systems Manager , We need to update the existing version of SSM agent which is already installed on the system.

Note: Windows Server AMI’s published before November 2016 uses EC2Config service to process requests and configure instances.

Let us see how to install latest version of SSM agent manually on Windows EC2 Instances.

Install SSM Agent On Windows

To manually download the install the latest version of SSM agent on the Windows EC2 Instances ,

Login to Windows Instance using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

Latest version of SSM agent can be downloaded using the direct download link or using the Powershell commands.

Downloading & Installing using Powershell Commands

Run the below command inorder to download the install the ssm agent.

Open the Windows Powershell,

Run the below command to download the latest ssm agent,

Invoke-WebRequest -OutFile $env:USERPROFILE\Desktop\SSMAgent_latest.exe
Start-Process -FilePath $env:USERPROFILE\Desktop\SSMAgent_latest.exe -ArgumentList "/S"

Downloading & Installing using Direct Download

You can directly download the Amazon SSM agent latest version from the below link to the windows EC2 Instance.

Once it is downloaded , Run the .exe file.

Accept the License and click Install

Installation is in Progress.

Then the Amazon SSM Agent is successfully installed.

To restart the SSM agent, Run the below command.

Restart-Service AmazonSSMAgent

We have successfuly installed latest version of amazon ssm agent on the windows EC2 instances.

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