How To Mount Amazon FSx File Server On Windows EC2 Instance

In our previous blog , I have explained on how you can setup a Amazon FSx for Windows File server.


In this blog post , We will learn how to mount the amazon fsx file share on the Windows EC2 instances.


We are able to mount the Amazon FSx file server to the Windows EC2 instances joined to the AWS Managed Directory service directory.




Setup AWS Managed Microsoft Active directory – This blog also covers how to join the windows EC2 instance to the Domain


By this time I assume that you have created AWS managed microsoft AD and joined windows EC2 instance to the domain and also Amazon FSx file server is setup.


Mounting File System On Windows EC2 Instance


For mounting or mapping the Amazon FSx file system on the windows EC2 instance , We need the the DNS name of the file system


To get the DNS name of the file system , Login to Amazon FSx console.


Click the File system ID and choose Attach


You can find the mounting instructions for different services , Also you can find the DNS name there.


Now , Login to Windows EC2 instance.Open the File Explorer.


Right click on Network and choose Map network drive…



You will see the following screen.



Choose the Drive letter for the mount point as per your requirement.


For Folder , Enter the DNS name of the file system and the share name.


The default Amazon FSx share name is \share


Choose Reconnect at sign-in and click Finish


Alternatively , We can also mount the Amazon FSx file system using command prompt.


The command for mounting the file system as follows:


net use Z: \\FileSystemDNSName\share


You should get the below response.



Once the mounting the Successful.


Open the File Explorer , Choose This PC , Under Network locations , You can find that the Amazon FSx file system is mounted with the Drive Letter Z:



Open the drive , The folder should be empty. You can start uploading files to this drive and we can share it across Applications , Services , Users.




We have successfully mounted the Amazon FSx File server on the windows EC2 instance of Active directory Domain services.


Hope you find it helpful.


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