How To Increase RDS Instance Storage Size

When we create an RDS instance , We will asked to provide the storage type and the amount of storage required for the RDS instance to store the data.

But sometimes , We will write more data to the RDS instance storage than the actual storage assigned to the instance.

In this case , W can setup the monitoring for RDS instances to monitor FreeStorageSpace , So that we can increase the storage size of the RDS instance before it is completely occupied.

In this guide , We will learn how we can modify the RDS instance to increase the storage size of the RDS DB instance.

Increasing The RDS Instance Storage Capacity

If we need additional storage space for the RDS instance , We can modify the RDS instance and increase it.

To do so , Login to RDS console.

In the Navigation pane , Choose Databases

Select the RDS instance for which you want to upgrade the storage size.

and then click Modify

You will see the Modify DB Instance page

Under Instance specifications , You can see the Allocated storage , You can modify to any higher value as per your requirement.

When we increase the size of the storage , it should be atleast 10% increase of the current storage size or else We will get an error.

and then click Continue

Choose Apply Immediately and then click Modify DB Instance

Increasing the storage size of the RDS instance doesn’t bring any downtime and It won’t reduce the Performance of the DB instance.

Once the storage size is modified and applied , The DB instance status will be storage-optimization. After the successful modification the RDS instance will be Available.

Important Note:

Once the RDS Instance storage is upgraded , It can’t be reduced to the lower value.

We have successfully upgraded the storage size of the RDS DB instance without any downtime.

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