AWS Backup – Creating On-Demand Backup

In our previous article, We have learnt how to create a backup plan , assign resources to it and create a custom vault.


This article guides you to create a On-demand backup.

Creating On-Demand Backup:

Open the AWS Backup Console

Choose Protected resources in the left pane,

Click Create on-demand backup,

On the Create on-demand backup page , Choose the AWS service for which you want to take a Backup.

For example , EBS volume ,

I am creating a on-demand backup for the Resource type : EBS and mentioned the respective EBS Volume ID

Make sure that , Create Backup now is selected.

This initiates the backup of EBS volume immediately and once the backup is completed, You should be able to see the saved resources under Protected resources page.

Specify transition to cold storage if required , and an expire value.

Then we have to choose the backup vault , Where all the backup resources will be saved and organized.

By default , Default vault will be provided, If required , You can create a backup vault and use it.

Under IAM Role, Choose default role.

Assign one or more tags for the identification on-demand backup.

Choose Create on-demand backup.

This will take you to the Jobs page, Where you can see the lists of previous jobs.

Select the Backup Job ID, To check the status of the job.

Here you can see the details such as creation time , Resource type and Resource ID.

Once the job is completed , you should see the backup under protected resources page.

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